Rolex Watches – How Much You Know about Replacing the Watch Strap?

Rolex replica

Rolex replica

Rolex is a famous watch brand in Swiss, which is deeply loved and loyal by men for its features of “Stable” and “not flashy” and “practical”. Each man is eager to have such a watch, as it represents not only these, but also the pursuit of innovation and high quality.

Watch market is more and more big now, and the related services are also more and more, replacing the strap is one of the more common question. Here let’s look at the related problem of Rolex watch replacing strap.

Rolex watch straps are mostly using straps of precious metal (alloy or plating) and crocodile leather straps, which is mainly related with the Rolex taste and positioning, simply speaking that are more luxury and expensive strap. So, in order to prevent fraud, we must to replace the original strap at the Rolex authorization after-sales service unit.

(1) Leather strap

Whether it is the crocodile or other genuine leather straps, it will appear crack, damage and other problems when using it for a long time. Leather strap itself is a consumable, and it will be “updated” generally when used for 3 years. Leather strap of daily care, of course, is also very important, as good maintenance can greatly prolong the service life of the leather strap for the Rolex watches.

(2) Precious metal strap

No matter what strap it is, it will have the wear loss problem when being worn after a long time. Gold-plated watch strap without gold-plated corundum material (diamond) is also possible to have scratches and other issues. Daily metal watches need to prevent friction and defiled with corrosive substances.

Now the watch straps are divided into ceramic, steel chain, original and leather strap, etc. So for the customer of rolex replica watches, if you want to change the strap, it depends on what you need to change the strap.